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גמר חתימה טובה
גוט יום טוב – חג שמח
We wish you all a Gmar Chasimah Tovah & a good Yom Tov
– a happy, healthy & successful new year!

Sarah & Sol Sacks Memorial Elul Program
This year’s Elul Program was a huge success. Keisari Catering delivered a wonderful culinary experience. Rabbi Preis’s lectures were clear, on-point & inspiring. We thank Marvin Sacks, Elsie Rothstein, Nancie Bair & Lenny Sacks for substantially underwriting the program. Thank you to those who joined in sponsoring the program, of which a list can be found below. Hopefully the inspiration of this past Shabbos will be the beginning of a meaningful Yomim Nora’im (High Holiday) season for us all.
Dr. Jack & Sally Cotlar
Ivan & Marcy Ekhaus
Dr. Allon & Judith Friedman
Rabbi & Rebbetzin Gettinger
Dr. Darrel & Joanne Mandel
Benton & Sandi Marks
Aaron & MeChelle McDaniel
Dr. Stephen & Monica Rosenfeld
Mark & Colleen Shere
Dr. Gad & Fran Flaumenhaft
Jonathan Goldfarb
Shoshana Kay & Emmet Hanick
Dr. Bob & Fiana Stoner
Dr. Roy & Shoshi Yaari
Rabbi Aryeh & Adina Birnhack
Malka Davis
Jeremy & Chavah Hull
Emery & Edith Kovac
Tibor & Dora Weiss
Michael & Gena Zelikovich


Classes & Programs At B’nai Torah

Please see the weekly announcements posted on the sidebar of this website for more information regarding these classes

Shabbos Class for Kids:
Shabbos Morning after Kedusha of Mussaf

Shabbos Morning Class for Children: Shabbos 11:15 a.m.

Pirkei Avos Class: During Seudah Shlishis

Halacha Class: Between Mincha & Maariv

Daf Yomi: Sunday – Friday Mornings 45 minutes before Shacharis

Parsha Shiur: 65 minutes before Mincha on Shabbos

Lunch & Learn: Monday at noon. A lox & bagel lunch is served.

Tehilim: Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday Night Class for Women: 7:45 p.m. This class is studying Sefer Shemos (Exodus)


Video Links 

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