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גמר חתימה טובה & גוט יום טוב!
Have a Good Year
& a Good Yom Tov!

Mark the Date—Elul Program!

The Sarah & Sol Sacks Memorial Elul Program will take place on Shabbos, August 14, iyH. Rabbi David Claman, of Columbus, OH, will deliver two lectures: ‘Using Our “Get out of Jail Free” Card’, and ‘Commodities & Futures: An
Investment Portfolio for 5782’. The Deluxe Kiddush Luncheon will be catered by Keisari Catering, with the first lecture following the luncheon & the second at 7:15 p.m. We thank the Sacks family for helping to sponsor this event. Although this program is substantially underwritten by the Sacks family, it does not cover the entire cost of the program. Therefore, we would respectfully ask that you consider being a sponsor from among the following categories: Gold: $100; Silver: $50; Bronze: $36. The names of the sponsors will be prominently displayed in the Shabbos Announcements & in the Social hall.
We thank the following who have already stepped up to be sponsors:
Saar & Shirley Alkobi
Drs. Rick Bentley & Caryn Vogel
Rabbi & Rebitzin Gettinger
Dr. Zach & Aliza Goldstein
Dr. Darrel & Joanne Mandel
Aaron & MeChelle McDaniel
Michael & Rafi Rose
Dr. Stephen & Monica Rosenfeld
Shelley Schwartz & Family
Dr. Jack & Sally Cotlar
Ivan & Marcy Ekhaus
Dr. Gad & Fran Flaumenhaft
Dr. Roy & Shoshi Yaari
Jonathan Goldfarb
Rabbi Aryeh & Adina Birnhack
Jeremy & Chavah Hull
Shoshana Kay & Emmet Hanick
Azik & Rita Zelikovich
Michael & Gena Zelikovich
Although there is no charge for the luncheon, we would appreciate if you would rsvp to the Shul office by Monday, August 9, so that we can be properly prepared.
The event flyer can be viewed here & on the sidebar


JCC Cafe

The Cafe is under the supervision of the Indianapolis Orthodox Board of Kashrus (IOBK). For more information please visit:


We are delighted to announce, that we will be davening this evening in the newly renovated Sanctuary! The Shul has a beautiful new look. See the pictures here: 1, 2, 3, 4.

It was very memorable to see how immediately after Havdalah, at the end of Pesach, we were already transitioning from the old to the new, with the removal of the Siddurim & Chumashim to make way for the new carpeting and seating. It was a remarkable sight to see the impressive coordination; as the last bit of carpeting was being laid, the new seats were already being brought in.

We express our utmost gratitude to all the generous donors, a list of whom can be found below. Also, we thank Simon Katz, Jeremy Hull & Saar Alkobi, for their help in overseeing the project from start to finish. In addition, we thank Saar Alkobi, Rick Bentley, Matt Hildebrand, Jeremy Hull, Israel Keisari, Miles Kerr-Jarrett, Chaim Winter, Shoshi Yaari & Michael Zelikovich for their volunteer efforts.

If you have not yet pledged, it is not too late to become a part of this historical project, as we still owe approximately $40,000. A graph depicting the fundraising project is pictured here.

We hope that the new look & ambiance that has been created will inspire all of us to meaningful services, and that the Almighty will receive favorably all our worthy prayers.

Our Generous Donors:

Eitan Alkaslassy
Saar & Shirley Alkobi
Roger & Nancie Bair
Rick & Caryn Bentley
Boris Blyukher
Bnai Torah Bookmark
Bruce & Julie Buchanan
Jack & Sally Cotlar
Charlotte Epstein’s Estate
Gad & Fran Flaumenhaft
Rabbi & Rebetzin Gettinger
Rabbi & Mrs. Gluck
Benjamin & Deborah Goldfarb
Jonathan Goldfarb
Helen Goldstein
Larry Greenbaum
Hart & Simona Hasten
Meir Heigh
Marvin & Michelle Hershenson
Jeremy & Chava Hull
Simon Katz
Israel & Parisa Keisari
Eric & Sandy Koehler
Emery & Edith Kovac
Ed Kowlowitz
Darrel & Joanne Mandel
Jordan Mandel
Maryann Margolis
Benton & Sandi Marks
Marvin & Susan Mitchell
Jeremy Renna
David & Mona Roodman
Michael Rose
Rona Schaffel
Marty & DeAnn Silverman
Lior Small
Bob Stoner
Yelena Strout
Tibor & Dora Weiss
Chaim Winter
Azik & Rita Zelikovich
Michael & Gena Zelikovich


Classes & Programs At B’nai Torah

Please see the weekly announcements
posted on the sidebar of this website for
updated information regarding these classes

Halacha Class: Between Mincha & Maariv

Daf Yomi: Sunday – Friday Mornings 45 minutes before Shacharis

Parsha Shiur: 65 minutes before Mincha on Shabbos

Lunch & Learn: Monday at noon. A lox & bagel lunch is served.

Tehilim: Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday Night Class for Women: 7:45 p.m. This class is studying Sefer Bereishis (Genesis)

Video Links 

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