Q: Does Indianapolis have any Kosher Restaurants?

A: Meals can be ordered from the Keisari Catering Company (KCC), which is under the supervision of the Indianapolis Orthodox Board of Kashrus (IOBK). You  can reach the KCC at: (317) 331-8366 & pkeisari@hotmail.com.

 Q: Where can I buy Kosher Food?

A1. Kroger’s (2550 Lake Cir Dr – Corner of W 86th & Township Line Rd.) (317) 879-2460.  Kroger has a large dry Kosher section, and a frozen Kosher section.

2.  Trader Joe’s (2902 W. 86th St) (317) 337-1880. Trader Joe’s does not have a strictly Kosher section, but they carry Empire Chicken, Turkey & Beef. Trader Joe’s has a lot of other kosher items which are mixed in with everything else. 

3. Kroger’s (1365 E 86th St) (317) 217-1190 Kroger has a nice Kosher frozen section and a small dry Kosher section. 

 4. Costco (9010 Michigan Rd) (317) 532-1608. Costco has a large variety of Kosher items including fish, frozen chicken & beef, and Kosher wine which are mixed in with their regular items.

 5. KC Kosher Co-op (http://www.kckoshercoop.com/) If you can’t find what you need in our local stores, the KC Kosher CO-OP services Indianapolis a few times a year.


Q: Does Indianapolis have an Eruv?

A: The Jewish community is surrounded by an Eruv, enabling one to carry items outdoors on Shabbat. Please call 317-253-5253 x3 before Shabbos to check that the Eruv is up. Click here for an exact map of the Eruv.