Q: Does Indianapolis have any Kosher Restaurants?

A: Meals can be ordered from the Keisari Catering Company (KCC), which is under the supervision of the Indianapolis Orthodox Board of Kashrus (IOBK).

You can reach the KCC at: (317) 331-8366 & pkeisari@hotmail.com.

Q: Where can I buy Kosher Food?

A: Indianapolis has a lot of options for purchasing kosher food.

1. Safeway

5602 North Illinois Street – Corner of 56th Street & Illinois Street (317) 255-3689

Safeway carries a selection of Kosher products, including Kosher cold-cuts & party chicken wings.

Safeway is a 5-minute drive south of the Shul.

2. Kroger

2550 Lake Cir Dr – Corner of W 86th & Township Line Rd.

(317) 879-2460

Kroger has a large dry Kosher section and a frozen Kosher section.

3.  Trader Joe’s

2902 W. 86th St

(317) 337-1880

Trader Joe’s does not have a strictly Kosher section, but they carry Empire Chicken, Turkey, & Beef.

Trader Joe’s has a lot of other kosher items which are mixed in with everything else. 

4. Kroger

1365 E 86th St (317) 217-1190

This Kroger has a nice Kosher frozen section and a small dry Kosher section. 

5. Costco

9010 Michigan Rd

(317) 532-1608

Costco has a large variety of Kosher items including fish, frozen chicken & beef, and Kosher wine which are mixed in with their regular items.

6. KC Kosher Co-op


If you can’t find what you need in our local stores, the KC Kosher Co-op services Indianapolis a few times a year.


Q: Does Indianapolis have an Eiruv?

A: The Jewish community is surrounded by an Eruv, enabling one to carry items outdoors on Shabbos. An Eiruv needs regular supervision & our Eiruv is checked every week. For a map of the Eiruv, please click here. Please be aware that as accurate as we tried to make it, we are not professional cartographers. On the outermost borders of the Eiruv, please recognize that the Eiruv swings back and forth across the street. So unless you are intimately familiar with the Eiruv’s design, we don’t recommend carrying anything on Shabbos if you walk along the borders, namely: 64th Street, Spring Mill Road, 79th Street, Ditch Road, Westlane Road (west of Ditch) and Grandview Drive. If you have any questions, please contact the Shul office.

Also, please be sure to call the Shul Office & select option 3, every Friday after 1 p.m., to ascertain the status of the Eiruv for that Shabbos.


Q: Is there a Jewish Cemetery in Indianapolis?

A: The B’nai Torah cemetery is located at

2305 S. West Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225

Click on the following link to find the cemetery in Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/vhcD7VpodoTzNbNRA.

For inquiries regarding the cemetery, please contact the office:

317-253-5253, ext. 1.