Women’s Usage, Scheduling, and Fees

Mikvah evening usage is by appointment only. 

To schedule an appointment, please contact the attendant who has volunteered for the evening needed. If you bring your own attendant, you still need to schedule your appointment with the volunteer attendant for that evening so appointments don’t overlap.

Please schedule your appointment at least 48 hours in advance for Sunday through Friday usage, or 72 hours in advance for Motzei Shabbos or Yom Tov usage.

Please call the Shul office for day appointments or for the attendants’ contact information.

                                        Day                           Attendant

                                        Sunday                      Dr. Caryn Vogel

                                        Monday                    Mrs. Monica Rosenfeld

                                        Tuesday                    Mrs. Fraidel Schusterman 

                                        Wednesday               Mrs. Colleen Shere

                                        Thursday                   Dina Hasten

                                         Friday                       Mrs. Miriam Gettinger

                                         Saturday                  Mrs. Miriam Gettinger

If the regular nightly volunteer is not available, the following women may be contacted: Mrs. Miriam Gettinger, Mrs. Fraidel Schusterman, or Dr. Caryn Vogel.

 Mikvah fees are $18 per use or $180 for the year. Payment can be made to the shul.

The Mikvah is located on the south side of B’nai Torah near the back of the parking lot. Look for the door with the blue flower decal.